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Microsoft has become a household name. And for good reason.

Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft has done nothing but build exponentially on its humble foundations as a manufacturer of BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8800. Since then, it has grown to dominate myriad sectors in the IT industry.

Known currently for its prolific development and support of personal and enterprise software, services, and devices, Microsoft’s solution suite covers a multitude of IT pain points and accelerates IT innovation. As many already know from the devices that they use from day-to-day, Microsoft manufactures and provides clients with personal computers, tablets, entertainment and gaming consoles, mobile phones, and other personal smart devices and accessories.

Moreover, many corporations have come to rely heavily on Microsoft’s production of:

  • Operating systems
  • Cross-device productivity applications
  • Server applications
  • Desktop and server management tools
  • DevOps software
  • Gaming software

However, more recently, Microsoft has expanded its research and development to fully embrace cloud computing technologies. Its provision of versatile tools and powerful cloud-based platforms and services—like Azure cloud, Microsoft Office 365, Data Platform, and SQL Server—is changing the way that the world conducts and drives business. Azure cloud, in particular, gives clients the framework they need to deploy their public, private, and hybrid cloud initiatives quickly, powerfully, and securely.

Why Do We Partner With Microsoft?

At TSA, we saw a similar desire to provide powerful, customizable solutions for our clients. Microsoft is never passive or apathetic within the market; they always look for ways to expand their offerings and improve on their existing products and services. When we recommend anything from Microsoft to our clients, we know that we’re offering highly developed and vetted products.


Their foundational expertise and development still drives the company’s forward motion today.

Intel was founded in 1968 by semiconductor experts, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Intel has definitively earned its right to be a member of the Silicon Valley neighborhood.

Intel’s early years consisted of the manufacturing of SRAM and DRAM memory chips, but you may know Intel now predominantly for its world-class processors—namely the x86 server line that is found in most personal computers. In fact, Intel controls close to 90% of the microprocessors market, with many of its processors being used in devices made by tech giants, Apple, Lenovo, HP, and Dell.

To have more granular control over quality and speed-to-market, Intel makes, tests, and assembles most of its products in its own manufacturing facilities. And, in order to meet industry and client demand, they have organized their business production model into five major categories:

Client Computing Group

  • Chips and computer hardware for personal computers, notebooks, tablets, phones, wireless connectivity products, etc.

Data Center Group

  • Workload-optimized platforms designed for enterprise, cloud, and communication infrastructures

Internet of Things Group

  • Chips for connected devices to drive retail, transportation, industrial, video, smart cities, etc.

Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group

  • Solutions for NAND flash memory and storage, primarily for SSDs

Programmable Solutions

  • Programmable semiconductors for communications, data center, industrial, military, and automotive

However, Intel’s innovative reach spans much further than the five branches listed above.

As a practice, Intel chooses to research and develop at the edge of conventional technology. This pioneering mentality enables Intel’s developers to bring unparalleled capabilities and applications that not only drive business but also improve quality of life through societal, economical, and medical advancements.

Why Do We Partner With Intel?

At TSA, we strive to not only deliver sustainable, innovative solutions for our clients’ datacenters, we also are passionate about supporting our local communities. Intel’s technology pushes the bounds of human and computer capabilities, bringing innovation and life-improving technologies to the forefront of technological advancement.   


Hewlett-Packard Company was the quintessential Silicon Valley startup.

Founded in 1939 in Palo Alto, California by electrical engineers, Bill Hewlett and David Packard, HP was first operated out of a humble (rented) single-car garage. Their first customer, believe it or not, was Walt Disney Productions—the entertainment giant ordered eight audio oscillators for their 1940 film, Fantasia. From there, HP grew at a formidable pace and soon became the world’s second leading PC manufacturer with over 317,500 employees globally.      

What started as a simple product line of electronic test and measurement equipment was expanded to include:

  • Personal computers
  • Desktops
  • Tablets and notebooks
  • Mobility Devices
  • Workstations
  • Personal and commercial-level printers and scanners
  • Printer supplies (inkjet, laser, graphics, scanners, and 3D modeling)

Outside of the obvious application of personal and corporate compute and printer needs, HP’s technology has been formulated to address specific industry pain points, specifically in:


HP has developed EMI certified hardware to meet HIPPA and critical patient data and security needs. HP’s computers, printers, and MFDs are configured to promote collaboration and simplify authentication and login without jeopardizing security or workflow.


HP believes that “total access + true learning = meaningful outcomes.” HP provides schools and universities with the immersive, collaborative tools necessary to reinvent and constantly improve how educators teach and how students learn.


HP delivers retail hardware solutions that are innovative yet consistent and secure. However, HP doesn’t forget style in the pursuit of technological excellence; their products are specifically made to be aesthetically pleasing to blend in with modern retail environments.

HP has the breadth and scale to source products for the Fortune 100 business, but it also has the flexibility and customization to provide procurement services for the world’s SMBs as well. But most importantly, HP’s motto is “keep reinventing;” they allocate $4 billion annually to R&D initiatives to better serve their customers and enter into new markets.

Why Do We Partner With HP?

And we couldn’t agree more with this business philosophy. We never rest when it comes to finding the right balance of technology and services for our clients; we reinvent ourselves with every new contract to adapt to and meet each company’s unique needs. We look to partner with like-minded people, and we found ourselves easily aligning with HP’s drive and dedication to providing world-class products.

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