Hybrid IT

Been asked to reach for the cloud?

We’ll help you get there.

Maybe you’ve been asked to build a service desk that matches the fluidity and ease of consumer tools. Maybe you need to increase your speed and agility to keep up with a growing business. Maybe you’ve been asked to incorporate cloud as a strategic initiative.

With almost 30 years in the business, we’ve seen a lot of shifts in the industry. The cloud is just the next in a long line of new technologies that promises to change how we think about IT infrastructure. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry — we’ll guide you through the process while you transition to Hybrid IT.

We work with you.

Your team knows how you work, and soon, we will too. We’ll work with your team to transform your current environment into a hybrid cloud that combines the protection and control of a fully private cloud with the dramatic scalability of public cloud environments.

You might worry that the public cloud threatens to replace your team, but instead, consider that cloud excels at helping your staff to focus on the critical aspects of your business rather than on the more mundane daily aspects of managing your infrastructure. At this juncture, your team knows the ins and out of how you work. They understand your business objectives and the politics that drive decisions. They also have a history of supporting your business and their institutional knowledge remains invaluable as you journey towards the cloud. We’ll help your existing team take advantage of these new technology advancements.

Cloud isn’t right for everything, so make it work for you.

Not every business needs to dive fully into the cloud. In fact, if you’re like most companies, you’d do best with a combination of servers that you own and the ability to scale out with cloud environments as necessary.

If you’re large enough, you may be able to create economies of scale internally that compete with what cloud can provide while at the same time negate many of the reasons to consider a publicly hosted environment.

Hybrid IT enables the best of both worlds – environmental control and the scalability to grow on demand.

Agility, Flexibility, and Freedom with Hybrid IT

The cloud offers a lot of benefits, but, as with any technological advancement, you must navigate the trade-offs. If you can harness it in your existing environment, you can gain many of the benefits, including agility, flexibility, and freedom while minimizing extra costs and mitigating VM sprawl.



AgilityYour customers need you to be responsive to their ever-changing demands. Today, they may want one thing and tomorrow they might need something entirely different. Be responsive by analyzing the value of deploying in a hosted cloud infrastructure versus on-premise and migrating dynamically as your costs and requirements change.



FlexibilityHybrid cloud environments also give you a lot of flexibility to solve the business problems in your organization. You can keep the business apps in-house if you need the most control over security or the most economical infrastructure, but you still have the flexibility to grow with seasonal fluctuations. This capacity on demand especially helps industries — like retail —that have large seasonal swings and fluctuations.



FreedomAnd with us, you won’t have to go it alone. We’ll help free up your existing team to work on other pressing issues, or work directly with them to move to the next level more quickly. Plus, since we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, we’ll give you the freedom to choose the strategy that’s right for you.

Don’t journey to the cloud alone.

Let’s plan together.