We know mobile

…and we’ll help you design a strategy that fits you like a glove.

From checking email while waiting in line at the grocery store to building their next presentation in a local coffee shop, your workforce is more mobile and flexible than ever before. In fact, if you’re like most companies that we work with, your employees likely use 3-5 different devices to do their jobs each week. Tablets and mobile phones, have become standard tools of the trade for knowledge workers, and the usefulness of these devices continues to expand into more industries like retail, plumbing, and warehousing as well.

Your company must keep pace with the speed of technology or you risk losing your best people to competitors who do. Plus, the next generation workforce has grown up with the omnipresence of the internet, granting them instant access to its resources from wherever they are. If you want to attract these digital natives, you need to be able to work the same way that they do — from anywhere, at any time.

It’s not enough to be available; you also have to stay secure.

Your network’s endpoints could be anywhere: a family desktop in one of your people’s homes, a work-issued laptop in your office, a smartphone at the job site, or even an iPad on an overseas vacation. Access is one thing, but if you’re not careful to protect yourself, these access points can become distributed security holes for your business. We’ll help you design enterprise mobility solutions that balances accessibility with security so that your people can get their work done from wherever they are, whenever they are, but safely.

A mobility partner to help you get there.

The state of workplace computing has been evolving for years, and it’s not done yet. You need a solution that will evolve with you as your needs and technology inevitably change with the times. As a team, we’ll get to know your environment, your people, and your unique combination of requirements in order to balance mobile accessibility with endpoint security. Whether you’re planning a small pilot with a small team, or a large global deployment with a sizable workforce, we’ve more than likely done something like this before, and we’ll help you navigate each of the steps necessary to get there.

The world’s gone mobile.

Let’s design your mobile solution together.