Network Visibility, Real-Time IT, and Business Insights

“The application is slow.”

“I bet it’s the server.”

“Nope, it’s gotta be the network performance.”

How many times have you heard these phrases tossed back and forth at your IT planning meetings? Unfortunately, in this business of virtualized “bigger, faster, better,” finger-pointing can be the natural compulsion when things go south. But rooting out and finding an IT scapegoat is not going to solve your application delivery issues.

You need a way to view—from east to west—the entire ecosystem of your hybrid environments, its security vulnerabilities, as well as your strategic blind-spots.

The Solution for Comprehensive Network Visibility

There’s a reason that ExtraHop calls their solution “Reveal(x)”.

Because you can, quite literally, insert whatever ransomware, malware, recon, botnet, or anomaly you can think of (and the ones you can’t) into that x placeholder. And ExtraHop isn’t just for threats; it’s also for gleaning actionable business insights from your data to drive your productivity and inform your business strategies for the future.

How Does It Work?

ExtraHop is a passive network appliance that uses port mirroring (or network taps) to process your full-stream network traffic flow (up to 100 Gbps) in real-time. Leveraging its cloud-based machine-learning capabilities, ExtraHop translates your raw data streams into structured, actionable business insights for your IT teams to assimilate into effective action.

Security Implications   

Your IT teams are already lean, and your Security Team especially is under a great deal of pressure to defend your infrastructure from the constant threat of cyberattacks. Responding to every potential threat event would be an impossible job to do well without the supplementary help of effective scanning, monitoring, and alerting tools.

ExtraHop relieves your team’s security burden by providing automated discovery and situational intelligence for every event that occurs within your networks, speeding up threat detection by 95%. As part of this auto-discovery, ExtraHop will classify all user, device, and application data across your enterprise map to detect and pinpoint anomalies. As soon as a breach is detected, ExtraHop alerts your team to the event and facilitates deep visibility into the nature of the attack through:

  • Correlated, heuristic data
  • Full context, unlimited packet-level forensic investigation for each attack
  • Comprehensive list of what devices and systems have been affected or compromises

ExtraHop gives your Security Team more than just network visibility. It gives immediate answers as well—every metric, data point, and response protocol they need to respond to and mitigate with confidence—before the threat has a chance to impact your infrastructure, customer base, or bottom line.

Automation and Classification Levels

As ExtraHop alerts your security team to the threat event, it will simultaneously begin automatic quarantining of infected clients—ultimately allowing the rest of your environments to continue production as usual while threat mitigation ensues. Most importantly, ExtraHop helps your Security Team stay on the foreword foot and transition from a reactionary stance to a predictive one by:

  • Providing classification protocols to prioritize critical assets
  • Automating mitigation protocols for leveled threats

Not only that, ExtraHop “plays nicely with others” and allows for seamless integration of third-party vendors and simple rest API for mitigation services.

Definitive Business Insights

However, ExtraHop isn’t just a filtering and alerting tool.

In a similar way to its security benefits, ExtraHop empowers your IT teams to be proactively data-driven rather than remaining reactive to downtime and other network inefficiencies. Through its full-analysis, ExtraHop provides metrics on every digital interaction between your applications, virtual components, and the end user (i.e. If it’s there, ExtraHop’s AI-powered anomaly detection will find it and alert you to its existence—both the good and bad).

In short, ExtraHop machine-learning platforms will turn your raw, unleveraged data into strategic, competitive business insights across your datacenter, cloud, and brick-and-mortar locations. And most importantly, any team member can easily use ExtraHop’s interface. You don’t need to be a data scientist; any employee with granted access can search historical data, explore transactions, and investigate past threat data to glean actionable insights from ExtraHop’s machine learning analytics.

Know Everything; Fear Nothing with ExtraHop

Not only will ExtraHop eliminate the uncertainty of in-house finger-pointing, it will also allow you to act against threats—of downtime, hackers, or otherwise—with greater confidence and foresight. Get the visibility you need to function efficiently and securely.

Looking for powerful insights and intelligent, automated response orchestration? ExtraHop provides extra support so you can confidently manage your networks.

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