• How to Containerize an Application

    We need to correct a misconception. Docker is not the pair of khakis you remember from your dads’ closet—those are Dockers. If you grew up on VMs, as I did, you probably think of containers like VMs—tiny, highly portable servers. With this thinking, you’re probably tempted to install your entire OS and application into a […]

  • What is Composable Infrastructure?

    What is Composable Infrastructure?

    Inflexible architectures prevent you from having the power and scalability to thrive in ever-expanding conditions. With limited mobility, customization, and agility to speak of, modern businesses are searching for a solution that is without compromise—a technological panacea that addresses the whole of their IT needs rather than simply solving a portion of them. In short, […]

  • Benefits of Containerization

    Top 5 Benefits of Containerization

    As a business’ operations start to grow, so do their IT systems. This can present a challenge when adding new features, making changes, or trying to scale functions. Containerization has evolved over the years to help alleviate some of these challenges and allow companies to grow while maintaining efficient organization. Containerization is a complementary approach […]