You’ve Decided to Go to Cloud. What’s Next?

Upper management has decided that your company’s next business move will be towards cloud. Which (as you know) is much easier said than done. You have infrastructure to consider, hardware to decommission, and you have to somehow translate those legacy applications to that ready-and-waiting virtual environment.

How do you know which apps to migrate (and how to migrate them once you do)? The simple answer is you don’t. At least, not yet. And if you make uninformed decisions, then you face:

  • Subpar Performance
  • Inordinately large cloud bills
  • Crippling downtime

Before you make a move, you need to apply the right diagnostic tool set and parameters to do the migration smoothly the first time.

It’s simple—you need answers that you don’t have. Analyzing your environment with the right tools reveals them.

Answer Your Pre-Cloud Questions

Prescriptive Analytics and Cloud Migration Tools

“Hybrid clouds are dynamic and complex.” Turbonomic experts explain, “They are beyond human scale.” The performance analysis tools from Turbonomic can augment your company’s in-house expertise, especially if you are preparing for your maiden cloud migration.  

Turbonomic is a single platform, workload automation software suite and cloud migration tool set for hybrid cloud environments that provides analytical pre-cloud optimization strategies. It also acts as a real-time performance and compliance management tool for established virtual environments. With Turbonomic, you can confidently and effectively answer the difficult cloud questions that most companies face before, during, and (well) after the migration.

As for after the migration, Turbonomic’s automation capacity manages and streamlines the complexity of on-premise, hybrid, and public workloads by providing QoS performance and workload prioritization. This technology-agnostic control layer ensures that all workloads are allocated the exact resources they need, at just the right time, by providing placement, scaling, and provisioning action across hosts, clusters, datastores, data centers, and cloud provider regions and zones. This real-time, automated VM responsiveness prevents:

  • Queuing
  • Latency
  • I/O contention
  • Compliance issues
  • Inflated cloud bills

Most importantly, this entire process can be accomplished with your existing IT team and Turbonomic’s cloud migration tools and automation software. In short, Turbonomic allows companies to successfully migrate to and operate within cloud with high levels of efficiency and lowered operational costs.

Assess Your Risk Before You Migrate

Your IT team is preparing to migrate legacy applications to virtual architecture—before you make any moves towards a lift and shift, you need to run a PoC against your current environment to see what is going to work in cloud and what won’t.

Turbonomic analytics will help you determine what apps are ready for migration and which apps need reconfiguration (or the kill switch)—this saves you from wasting current employee resources as well as future cloud resources. Once these assessments are complete, Turbonomic will then establish where each VM and application should be housed for optimization and performance purposes.  

However, you’ll still need a strategic partner to help you get the most out of the Turbonomic software and cloud migration tools in your developing architecture.

Work with a Team Who Understands Turbonomic Deeply

TSA works closely with Turbonomic and intimately understands the capacity and application of such a powerful cloud management tool. In fact, TSA maintains a Finishing Certification that allows us to do installations for Turbonomic directly. We are one of a handful of companies in the world who have this certification, and we are proud to be the only company in the Southeast who can offer such services.

When you partner with TSA, we will install, configure, and provide a guided PoC, leveraging the power of the Turbonomic analytics platform. More specifically, we will focus between the application and the hypervisor to meticulously monitor your current legacy application workload demand, and from there, we will counsel you on what to move and where to move it in your new cloud environment. No longer will you face the pitfalls and complexities of migrating alone.

Our goal at TSA is to closely partner with companies so that our business goals become the same as that of our clients. We want you to succeed in cloud just as much as you do—which is why we so recommend Turbonomic as the catalyst towards that success. In fact, companies who have leveraged this cloud management platform have reported that they can now manage 10x more workloads on 30% less infrastructure with no performance impact. Not only that, their mission-critical response times are now 30% faster, and they’re still operating with the same IT team that they did with their legacy architecture.

We stand behind the power (and performance assurances) of Turbonomic. Now is the time to get the most out of your cloud environment—before the migration even begins.

Don’t know where to host your legacy apps?

Take advantage of this TSA-sponsored, free trial of Turbonomic cloud analytics to get the answers you need to move forward with confidence.