Hybrid IT

  • Composable Infrastructure

    Choosing the Right Platform

    Traditional vs. Hyper-Converged vs. Composable Infrastructure Hybrid cloud infrastructure is not a one-size fits all solution. And while there are numerous options, making the right decision can be overwhelming. The […]

  • Crunching Numbers in the Hybrid Cloud

    “There were all these myths flying around about the public cloud becoming a commodity … [but] If you have engineers that are really good at running your private cloud and […]

  • What is Hybrid Cloud?

    What is Hybrid Cloud?

    You can’t escape hybrid cloud infrastructure right now. You’ll see it on most architecture design documents, and it’s heavily mentioned by HPE on their website and in strategic planning sessions with customers. But “cloud” can be confusing. People use this term so often, and for so many subjects, that it loses much of it’s meaning. So, what is hybrid cloud anyway?