Hybrid IT

  • How to Containerize an Application

    We need to correct a misconception. Docker is not the pair of khakis you remember from your dads’ closet—those are Dockers. If you grew up on VMs, as I did, you probably think of containers like VMs—tiny, highly portable servers. With this thinking, you’re probably tempted to install your entire OS and application into a […]

  • Composable Infrastructure

    Choosing the Right Platform

    Traditional vs. Hyper-Converged vs. Composable Infrastructure Hybrid cloud infrastructure is not a one-size fits all solution. And while there are numerous options, making the right decision can be overwhelming. The right implementation can certainly drive speed to market, increase scalability, and bolster performance across your environment, but its architecture still needs to complement your current […]

  • You’ve Decided to Go to Cloud. What’s Next?

    Upper management has decided that your company’s next business move will be towards cloud. Which (as you know) is much easier said than done. You have infrastructure to consider, hardware to decommission, and you have to somehow translate those legacy applications to that ready-and-waiting virtual environment. How do you know which apps to migrate (and […]

  • Strategic Simplicity for Your Hybrid Cloud

    NetApp OnCommand Insight: Strategic Simplicity for Your Hybrid Cloud

    As legacy infrastructure around the globe struggles under the ever-growing end-user demand of data generation and consumption, the industry steadily moves towards cloud to relieve the pressure. Hybrid at the Expense of Your Resources However, with more and more companies migrating to cloud-based architecture, hybrid cloud solutions are in much higher demand. This is because […]

  • Crunching Numbers in the Hybrid Cloud

    “There were all these myths flying around about the public cloud becoming a commodity … [but] If you have engineers that are really good at running your private cloud and the cloud is highly utilized over its lifetime, in those cases, it is cheaper than public cloud. … Conversely, when not well used and managed, […]

  • Hybrid Cloud and Painful Decision Paralysis: How Do You Choose?

    “…most enterprises will continue to have an on-premises (or hosted) data center capability. But with most compute power moving to IaaS providers, enterprises and vendors need to focus on managing and leveraging the hybrid combination of on-premises, off-premises, cloud and noncloud architectures…” — Thomas J. Bittman, Vice President, Gartner Last time, we talked you through […]

  • What is Hybrid Cloud?

    What is Hybrid Cloud?

    You can’t escape hybrid cloud infrastructure right now. You’ll see it on most architecture design documents, and it’s heavily mentioned by HPE on their website and in strategic planning sessions with customers. But “cloud” can be confusing. People use this term so often, and for so many subjects, that it loses much of it’s meaning. So, what is hybrid cloud anyway?